Friday, May 25, 2007

Changes! Safeway going down!!

--- forwarded message ---
"elisabeth_jewel" wrote:
Please come to a community meeting at the JCC on Thursday 5/31 from 6:30-8pm to hear about plans to demolish and rebuild the Safeway on Shattuck. Please come to express your ideas and concerns to Safeway representatives. No RSVP necessary.
--- End forwarded message ---

Elisabeth Jewel is a PR flack, partnered with former state rep Dion Aroner and Barbara Ellis (their bios, posted below, are readily available on their website

This was the same firm that handled press for Pacific Steel Casting Company, a vile air polluter in West Berkeley that many fear is responsible for dumping toxic materials into our air that may have caused the death of a young child in the neighborhood. If you've ever noticed the burnt handle smell or burnt brakes smell while in West Berkeley, Pacific Casting's pollution is what you're breathing.

When I was covering the Pacific Steel Casting story, Elisabeth was my contact.

She was very unresponsive to requests for information, and she was not capable of addressing any of the neighbors concerns regarding PSC’s emissions. Her job was to handle the community so that PSC could do what they wanted.

Irrespective of what you'd like to see on the Safeway property, it would be foolish to think the PR company has any role other than managing the community in this situation.

--- AJE bios ---

DION ARONER is a nationally recognized expert on the California state budget and issues concerning human services. She represented the cities of Richmond, Albany, Berkeley, Emeryville and Oakland in the State Assembly from 1996-2002.
She served as Chief of Staff to her predecessor, Tom Bates, where she became an undisputed expert on welfare reform, foster care, and realignment. During her tenure as Assemblywoman, she authored groundbreaking legislation on welfare and foster care reform, as well as local government finance, school finance, juvenile justice, transportation, and child care. She was appointed by the Assembly Speaker as Democratic Caucus Chair during the last two years of her time in the Assembly.

ELISABETH JEWEL has worked in East Bay politics for over twenty years, including serving as Aroner’s District Director for six years. With long standing ties to East Bay government and politics, she has worked on issues including health care, transportation, human services, education, labor, and school finance. She has worked in numerous political campaigns over many years ranging from mayoral, County Supervisor, Assembly, Governor and California Supreme Court races. Her tenure in the State Assembly includes staff positions for Aroner, Tom Bates, then-Speaker Willie L. Brown, Jr., and then-Senator Jim Costa.

BARBARA ELLIS is a well known campaign and community organizer with deep roots in the East Bay. She has spent many years building community coalitions around reproductive choice, and expanding and protecting the rights of women. Most recently she served as a community organizer for Aroner, planning and executing large events on issues of young women’s health, resources for caregivers, and general constituent outreach. She is a highly respected grass roots organizer for progressive causes.